This Thing Called Grief

New Understandings of Loss


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Grief is a crazy-making, complicated process, a struggle to acknowledge the life-changing impact of loss. It affects every dimension of the self; it is despairing, isolating, and overwhelming. It is depriving, mischievous, and keeps you unbalanced. Grief is so personally unique and ever changing that getting your hands around it once and for all seems impossible. Someone or something is gone, and you are left broken, empty, and afraid. This Thing Called Grief shows that although grief and pain may be changing you now, they have the potential to transform your life in a healing way. Ellis uses many real-life narratives of loss from his therapy practice to help illustrate various ways of grieving, and shows how you can learn from the experience of loss and make your way towards a place of healing transitions and a renewed sense of life.

ISBN 978-0929636641
Author Thomas M. Ellis
Publisher Centering Corporation
Dimensions 6.8 x 6.3 x 0.3
Page Count 132
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